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Now more than ever, you’re responsible for what you drive, including company trailers. Take control of maintenance with robust inspection procedures and self-education to avoid inspection hassles.
Customer service, fast payment important at 1st Guard
In an industry known for its niches and nuances, a Florida company has carved out its own special corner writing insurance for owner-operators who lease to carriers. 1st Guard Corp. is a direct writing insurance company based in Venice, Fla.
Phone System to Power Your Business
Switchvox beats out cloud options and expensive competitors to provide business continuity and cold spare solutions for a national insurance company.
1st Guard Puts Chairman on the Front Line
Truck insurer 1st Guard is partnering with Sirius XM satellite radio to air commercials for the 2011calendar year on Road Dog (Sirius 147; XM 171) and Fox News (Sirius 131; XM 121), starring 1st Guard Chairman Ed Campbell III.
1st Guard Closes the Final Mile in Trucker’s Insurance With Electronic Signature
Insurance Firm Offers Flexibility and Convenience to Mobile Customer Base with DocuSign
1st Guard Safeguards Customers
1st Guard Corporation, a specialty insurer for long-haul truckers, recently implemented a monumental change in the way they store policyholder credit card information.<!stop> This change eliminates the storing of all credit card numbers onsite and drastically reduces [if not eliminates] the exposure to a security breach and the liability associated with it.
iPhone Insurance App Helps Truckers for the Long Haul
1st Guard's TRUCKER1 application for the iPhone includes claims reporting capabilities and a variety of self-service functions for customers as well as a suite of functions useful to all truckers.
Insurance Technology - Fax over IP Drives Paperless Environment for Insurance Firm
Going green – it’ something many companies talk about, but few have actually taken it completely to heart and gone paperless...
Anywhere is Everywhere
With consumers increasingly turning to mobile devices for information and demonstrating an overall obsession with getting information anywhere they go, and workers equipped with mobile appliances for on-the-road sales and service calls, the need for mobility has been seeping into the business landscape for more than a decade...
A Computer In Your Pocket: What Smartphones Can Do For Your Business
1st Guard Corp., a truck insurer out of Venice, Fla., also decided to take advantage of the platform. The company first launched Trucker1, a free application for both customers and non-customers.
Reaching the Most Mobile Customers of All
There's actually nothing new about electronic social networking—it was actually a huge fad back in the 1970s. And it wasn't instigated by a bunch of geeks stuck to their 3270 terminals: Truckers on the road with Citizens’ Band radios started it. Those of you who were around then, or have watched a Burt Reynolds movie, will remember how a virtual, on-air culture sprung up with its own language.
First Guard Insurance Company Closes Claims 34% Faster
Specialty truck insurer First Guard Insurance Company reports closing claims 34% faster as a direct result of new claims processing software. Developed internally by First Guard’s automation group and launched in 2007, the claims processing software caters to doing business 100% electronically.
Insurers Need a Plan to Manage Application Mania
Other companies, particularly those with more mobile customers, see advantages with simple-to-navigate iPhone-style apps. For example, 1st Guard Corp., a truck insurance firm providing physical damage and non-trucking liability insurance to leased owner operators, recently rolled out an app, called Trucker1, which links with an e-signature system, enabling independent truckers to sign up while on the road...

Who is 1st Guard?
Better lease operators pay better rates.
1st Guard is an "A" rated commercial truck insurance company selling Physical Damage & Non Trucking Liability insurance DIRECT to truckers. We have the best rates, best claims service and best technology for truckers.

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