State Notices

States can release notices to insurance companies after a weather event or natural disaster. These notices can outline additional time to pay insurance premiums, or restrict policy cancellation.


States can release emergency notices to insurance companies for many different reasons. Some examples are: after severe weather events, natural disasters, or during other unforeseen events that may impact the ability for an insured to pay insurance premiums due to the underlying reason of the notice. These notices can outline additional time for you to pay insurance premiums, or restrict policy cancellation. The state notices posted on this page will outline the summary of the information that is relevant to our customers and may not include the complete content of the entire specific state notice. Individual state notices may be found through your state office of insurance. During the active period of a state notice, the notice can be amended by the state at any time. In many cases, additional counties are added to the affected area of the notice, or the end date of the state notice may be changed. All active state notices will be listed below.

There are no active state notices at this time. If there were active state notices, they would be listed on this page underneath this message. If multiple state notifications have been released, and are in effect at the same time, a summary of the content of each of the notices, along with their expiration date (if known) will be listed below in alphabetical order by state abbreviation code.


If you have any questions regarding the state notices on this page, please get in touch.